Super Antifreeze

Super Antifreeze, is a superior quality ethylene glycol based coolant formulated with special additives for cooling systems of all gasoline and diesel engines. It prevents radiator water from freezing in cold climates and prevents radiator water from boiling due to its special formulation. APPLICATIONS  It is suitable to use in engine coolant systems of passenger vehicles, light commercial and heavy commerical vehicles, agricultural and construction equipments all season. CHARACTERISTICS  It is compatible with cooling system components and sealing elements.  It protects the cooling system against oxidation and corrosion. It prevents formation of electrolysis, thus enables cooling system has a long service life and high performance.  It should be used by mixing with water . The antifreeze ratio in mixture should not be less than 33% and more than 67%.It should not be used with extremely hard water, sea water, salty water and waste water. PERFORMANCES  BS 6580:1992  TS 3582
Super Antifreeze
  • Super Antifreeze
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