Fullpro HT 10W-40

Fullpro HT 10W-40, is a synthetic based diesel engine oil which is developed to meet the high performance requirements of heavy commercial vehicles. Its 3x Protection Technology resists the oxidation and soot formation to keeps engine clean and extends engine life. APPLICATIONS It is suitable to use in Euro III, IV and V emission standard level engines without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). It is also suitable to use in engines equipped with Selectively Catalytic Reduction (SCR) but without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) CHARACTERISTICS  It 3x Protection Technology provides up to 24% less oil consumption1, up to 33% more soot stability2 and up to 46% more oxidation resistance3 in your engine even under severe operating conditions*.  It provides excellent engine wear protection even under extreme operating conditions .  Its active cleaning feature controls the deposit and sludge formation at high temperatures, so keeps the engine parts clean.
Fullpro HT 10W-40
  • Fullpro HT 10W-40
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